A Tradition of Transportation

Rick Hernandez has been in the transport business since 1981, both in sales and as a driver. In fact, Rick is a third-generation truck driver, both his father and grandfather were on the road for almost 40 years. In 2001, Rick and his wife, Laura, launched Mustang Express with one truck. Today, the fleet runs about 32 tractors strong, with over 60 employees, which include drivers, mechanics, office staff and managers.

The company serves customers in the Southwest from a variety of industries, including automotive, medical, paper products and technology.

Mustang Express is a designated Minority Business Enterprise, Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) and a SmartWay Transportation Partnership.

A Focus on Just-in-Time Deliveries

All Mustang Express drivers work in teams of two, so while one of the drivers is resting, the other is driving. The trucks are never stationary. Mustang ensures the newest fleet possible, in order to keep the trucks moving.

“I believe in re-investing in our truck fleet and the company. So we never keep a truck for more than three and a half to four years. After that, it’s time to invest in new equipment so that I can be sure that I’m offering both my customers and my drivers the very best the market has to offer,” says Rick Hernandez.

The result: 99% of Mustang Express’ deliveries arrive on time.

“My motto is ‘You are never better than your latest delivery.’ I demand this of my trucks and I demand it of my drivers,” says Rick.

Because of the Hernandez family’s commitment to servicing their customers, Mustang Express has developed an impeccable reputation of integrity and reliability in the transportation business.

The Mustang Advantage

Feature: Team-based operation, two drivers in the truck at all times.
Advantage: Less downtime for the driver, more return trips to base, and more equipment evaluations.
Benefit: Your load gets to you faster.

Feature: Great Safety Record among national carriers.
Advantage: Less breakdown, less downtime, fewer stops by state departments of transportation (DOT).
Benefit: More on-time shipments = higher profit.

Feature: Newer Equipment.
Advantage: Less breakdowns, less downtime, less stops by DOT.
Benefit: More on-time shipments = higher profit.

Feature: Smart Way Certified: Tails & skirts on trailers, newer equipment.
Advantage: Greater fuel efficiency, less emissions.
Benefit: You work with a “greener” company.